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Create a calendar of school/class events using Google Calendar and Embed into a wiki page

Go to

Sign in and click on More - Calendar


To create a new calendar, click on My Calendars and click


  1. Type in a name for a calendar

  2. Choose your country

  3. Choose your time zone

  4. Click on Make this calendar pubic

  5. Click on Create Calendar


Click Yes on the next window. Your calendar has to be public if it is going to be viewed on the wiki or blog.

  1. Click on the arrow next to your calendar name

  2. Click on Display only this Calendar

  3. Click on Calendar Settings


Click on Customise the colour, size and other options

  1. Type in a title for your calendar

  2. de-select the options you don't want

  3. set the default view to Month

  4. set your width an height

  5. Select Monday for Week Starts On

  6. Choose a Background Colour and click to add a border

  7. Click on Update HTML, copy the code


Go to your wiki

Click on Edit

Click on the Embed Widget

  1. Click on Other HTML

  2. Paste the code

  3. Click Save



As you update your calendar in Google Calendar all changes will appear in the calendar on your Wiki site, you may need to refresh the page to see new changes.

Add a Google Calendar Widget to your Blog
external image Screen+shot+2010-10-09+at+3.43.10+PM.png

Saw this great idea on Sarah's blog, adding a Google Calendar widget to the side panel in a blog.

Go to your Google Calendar

external image calendar.png

1. Click on the drop down arrow next to your calendar

2. Click on Share this Calendar

external image 2010-10-09_1553.png

3. Click on Calendar Details

external image Screen+shot+2010-10-09+at+3.55.57+PM.png

4. Scroll down to Embed this Calendar and click on Customise the colour, size and other options

external image Screen+shot+2010-10-09+at+4.06.00+PM.png

5. Deselect Print icon, Tabs, Calendar List and Time Zone

6. Click on Agenda

7. Change the width to 250 pixels

8. Change the height to 400 pixels

9. Change the 'Week starts on' to Monday

external image Screen+shot+2010-10-09+at+4.13.35+PM.png

10. Copy the code

11. Go to your blog, click on Design, click on Add a Gadget

external image Screen+shot+2010-10-09+at+4.10.27+PM.png

12. Choose the HTML/Java Script, paste code, click OK

13. Move the new gadget to somewhere in your side panel