To add a note, double click on the wall, type in your note which is limited to 160 characters.

You can add links to a website or to a movie by pasting in the URL at the bottom of the note.

The notes can be moved around and organised. You do need to have an account.

It also generates QR codes.


Similar to Wallwisher, you can add notes and you don't need an account. But you can't embed, you can only link to the website. You need to pay to use the more advanced features.

You can choose to send your notes to Wordle

Lino It

is a an online stickies wall. It is similar to Wallwisher where you can post stickers, add photos and movies. You can also upload links to documents. It is collaborative and can be embedded into blogs and wikis. This could be a great presenting tool for students. (To embed, click on the information button on the palette which is on your wall)

Answer Garden

Write a question, choose what the default mode is going to be, classroom mode or brainstorm mode, choose whether you want to add a password.

How could you use Answer Garden in your class... at AnswerGarden.ch.